About Daniella

Psychic Medium, Healer and Spiritual Teacher

DSC_0373Daniella is a channel for spirit. She works as a Psychic Medium, Healer and Spiritual Teacher operating from Perfect Unison Healing Centre in South Curl Curl, Sydney.

Daniella’s inborn knowing of many things, was a great guide throughout many experiences in her life. Her knowing that there was more to life than just the mundane, led her to her life purpose, which is to empower others to know and understand their true nature and beauty. She loves communicating with the world of spirit during her sessions and providing a space for others to as well, in her classes and workshops. She is delighted to channel through the wisdom, guidance and support of her spirit guides, angels and higher self for all who come to her for sessions and classes.

Daniella has been giving psychic readings for over 12 years and working as a channel professionally for over 8. She is naturally clairvoyant (clear vision), clairsentient (clear feeling), claircognizant (Clear thinking or knowing), and clairaudient (clear hearing). She has read at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals in Sydney, as well as at several other locations around Australia. She completed her psychic, mediumship and teacher training with Avril Norman and is a certified Angel Intuitive, taught by Doreen Virtue.

Daniella works giving Psychic Readings, Reiki Healings, Mentoring Sessions and teaches Spiritual and Psychic Development Classes and Workshops at Perfect Unison Healing Centre, in South Curl Curl, Sydney. She also offers some of these sessions over-the-phone.

See the Sessions and Classes & Workshops page for more information or to book in to any of her services.


“I have had the distinct pleasure of training thousands of Lightworkers from over 40 countries around the globe. Very rarely, an extremely gifted Soul comes along, who possesses very special and natural gifts, allowing them unparalleled access to consciousness. Awakening at a young age, these rare Souls, hold a pure connection to all that is Divine and rapidly progress, to become anchored in a path of service. With crystal clear gifts, compassion beyond most people’s understanding and a true desire to give, just because they really can, these sacred Souls are the world changers, anchoring bliss into the hearts of many. Daniella Cowen is one of these sacred and rare Souls. Anyone lucky enough to find her and enjoy what she so passionately offers, is more privileged than they know. Daniella’s energy will help you awaken to your own potential. Enjoy your time with her for she truly is, a sacred conduit for Spirit.” Avril Norman