Online Professional Psychic Reader Development Course


Do you want to be a Psychic Reader?

Have you always dreamt of having a paid career where you are helping others in a truly profound and deep way? 

Do you see visions of yourself working as a professional psychic reader but you don’t know the first steps to take? 

Have you got the abilities and gifts, but lack the confidence?

Learn the art of giving a professional psychic reading. Acquire all the skills you need to confidently offer your gifts as a reader


You can begin this online course at any time and go at your own pace. The flexible nature of this course means that if you have time commitments, you are able to complete this course at a time that suits you.

This course if for those that are ready for the next step to take their already developed psychic and mediumship gifts to the next level and read for others professionally.

Designed to be completed over 7 weeks, the online Professional Psychic Reader Development course will provide you with all the information, skills and know how to kick start your dreams of becoming a professional psychic reader.

You will learn:

What type of Reader you are

How to Structure a Reading

Boundaries and Rules

How to set up for a reading

Where your natural gifts life

Building your Trust and Confidence

The Use of Divination Tools 

Setting up Your Practice

Balance of Personal and Professional

Gaining Experience

Ethics, Responsibility and your Role

How to Begin

You will also learn:

How to know if you were meant to be a reader

How to deal with tricky questions, skeptics and nerves

How to give oracle and tarot card readings

How to honour your own energy levels to avoid psychic burnout

How to set rules with spirit to ensure that you only attract the experiences you want

About the many different types of readings available

About confidentiality, professional duty and appropriate use of gifts

How to overcome self-doubt

How to work for the universe

The role of your spirit guides in your work

About the opportunities existing for psychic readers

What steps are required to establish your psychic reading business

How to set up vision goals for your business

And much more…

“This course if for those that are ready for the next step to take their already developed psychic and mediumship gifts to the next level and read for others professionally.”

When purchasing this course, you will have access to:

7 modules of information

Hours of audio content

Continues access to any newly released content

Weekly exercises

Guided meditations

Ongoing support by Daniella, including response to feedback with every unit

Professional Psychic Reader Development Course

Course price: $299
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Enrol in this course and take one step closer to your dream of having a rewarding and fulfilling career working for yourself as a professional psychic reader. 


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Note: As soon as your payment is received, you will be re-directed back to this website to register for this course, creating your username and password which you will use to gain access to the course.



Been involved in spiritual development work for at least a few years.

Developed psychic and mediumship abilities

Can sense and connect with spirit guide/s and or angels

Awareness of personal energy, chakras and aura

Awareness of grounding

Be meditating or involved in regular energy maintenance like chakra clearing and/or healing


If you are not completely happy with the class after completion, there is a risk free money back guarantee, no questions asked.

If you feel like you do not satisfy one of the pre-requisites and would like to know if you can still qualify for this class, please email Daniella at and she will answer any questions you have. Similarly, if you are unsure if this class would be right for  you, you can also ask Daniella any questions via email.     



Terms and Conditions


Daniella has been giving readings for over 12 years and has worked as a psychic professionally for over 8 years. She is naturally clairvoyant (clear vision), clairsentient (clear feeling), claircognizant (Clear thinking or knowing), and clairaudient (clear hearing). She has read at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals in Sydney, as well as at several other locations around Australia. She completed her psychic, mediumship and teacher training with Avril Norman and is a certified Angel Intuitive, taught by Doreen Virtue. She has been teaching others to connect in with their own guidance system for a number of years through various classes, workshops and her private sessions. 

When you are living your life’s purpose, there is no greater joy. Being able to be of service as a psychic reader is a sacred privilege. Showing up in other people’s lives as a wayshower, wisdom speaker and guide brings gifts to your own life beyond what you can currently imagine. You will find your own path becoming lighter and more sacred, there will be fulfilment that you may never have experienced before as you help and assist others to find their way and realise the light of their soul; and you will know and understand your own soul in new ways as you access higher octaves of being“– Daniella